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colliery cable and general rubber sheath soft cables

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less than 5

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Payment & Shipping Terms: Payment Terms: L/C, Western Union Supply Ability: 1000 Kilometer per MonthRubber insualted wires are including many kinds of types, as follows:

1)rated voltage: 300/500V, 450/750V.

2)Application and name:

rubber sheathed flexible mine cable:

A) rubber sheathed, flexible coal cutter cables.

B) screened, rubber sheathed, flexible cutter cables.

C) electric drill cables for mine.

D) rubber sheathed, moveable and flexible mine cables.

3) Number of cores: One, two, three, four, five, six

4) general rubber sheathed flexible cable

A) common rubber sheathed flexible cable.

B) common chloroprene cabtyre flexible cables.

C) medium duty rubber sheathed flexible cables.

D) heavy duty rubber sheathed flexible cables. Rubber wire (flexible copper rubber insulation wire)RUBBER SHEATH CABLEGeneral Rubber Sheath Cable (GB5013-1997, JB)(GB5013-1997, JB8735-1998)

1. Service ConditionsThis product is suitable for A. C voltage 450/750V or below domestic appliances, power-operated tlls and various portable electric equipments.

2. Performance Characteristics1) YZ model rated voltage U0/U is 300/500 V, YC model is 450/750 V.

2) Long time allow working temperature of wire core is not more than 60.

3) W model cable has the property of durability, so it is suitable for outdoor work touching oil pollution.

4) ZR-model cable has the property of fire-resistance.