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Projects, constructions value exceeding US$ 25 billions in all fields of management, engineering, hotels, hospitality facilities, commercial/business centers, residential, administrative/office buildings, utilities/infrastructure, … Etc


Below is a list of a few successful projects undertaken in recent years. Site-specific references available

Part of our Customers list we cooperated

·SUMEC (Jiangsu SINOMACH Enterprise Machinary and Electric Branch company) ,coorperated sincce 2003.

·DELIXI Electric Company since 2006.

·Building Wire, china unicom (CUCC In Jinan Branch). Dyldam Developments. Completed due 2010.

·Wire used internal Water Pump ITT Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed 2010.

·Nanjiing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, since 2009.

·Residential development, 3 luxury apartments. 25 Manning Rd, Double Bay. Broxtan construction. Completed 2009.

·Darlinghurst fire station building upgrade. Regement Construction. Completed 2009.

·Residential development, 36 apartments. Tangcheng Road,Guangfa construction. Completed 2009.

·Residential development, 3 luxury apartments. Construction Pacific. Completed 2010.

·Wire and cables used in Project of invite public bidding by Zijing Square, Zerong Trading Developments Co., Ltd. Completed 2010.

·Mixed development, 24 apartment & retail. 693 Anzac Pde, Maroubra. Jinhua Constructions and Development Co., Ltd. Completed 2010.

·Residential development, factory area. ITT Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed 2010.

·Residential development (houseware wire), 26 apartments,East Yuanlin Road.Luhe Economic and Technical Development Co., Ltd. Completed 2010.

·Residential development, Stage 1 & 2 Crane Rd, 152 apartments, Castle Hill. Langfang Garden and Greening Beauty Developments Co., Ltd. Completed 2011.

·Olympic Sports Center, 9 floors apartments,Nanjing City ,Nanjing construction and Engineering Co., Ltd. Completed 2010.

·Residential development, 8 luxury townhouses,Environmental Protection and Energy construction. Completed 2011.

·Residential development, 92 apartments, Jianguo Road, Garden and Environment Beauty Co.,Ltd Developments. Completed 2012.

·Commercial development, 24 stages, Guangsha Construction Co., Ltd Completed 2011.

·Residential development, 9 luxury apartments, Rongsheng Estate Development, Tangcheng Road. Prestige building services (PBS) Completed 2011.

·Residential development, 15 apartments, Xiongzhou St, Luhe. Youbang Construction Comapny. Completed 2011.

·Residential and Commercial apartments,Amethyst square, Nanjing Construction and Engineering Company. Completed 2011.

·Residential development, 88 apartments, VINE, Discovery Point, Wolli Creek. Australand/PBS. Completed 2011.

·Commercial development, Lynguin mount Buddhist temple stage 1 & 2 Berala. Rongsheng construction. Completed 2011.

·Residential development, 34 luxury apartments, Huaou Shundu Construction. Completed 2011